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Expressive & Dynamic Character Design

Expressive and Dynamic Characters, professionally designed to tell your story.

Characters aren’t just meant to sell people on an idea. Characters are vessels for feelings and personalities, that can connect to your audience. With a well designed character, our brains don’t really understand them to be artificial.

I’m Brookes Eggleston. I love characters. I create them for my own stories, I teach others how to design them, and I’m available to help craft yours.

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Recent Character Designs

I was looking for a fun way to breathe new content into my blog – something my audience could laugh at, but also learn from at the same time. After following Brookes’ character design and comic artwork, it’s his passion in what he does that convinced me he was the perfect partner for this comic project. Brookes immediately understood my needs and quickly delivered amazing results. He developed a likable character for the comic, and since the comic’s release, it’s been a hit with my freelance audience! Aside from Brookes’ amazing art, he was very professional in his work process.

I couldn’t recommend him more for character design and comic artwork. I’ll certainly be working with him again!

Brent Galloway

Freelance Graphic Designer

I worked with Brookes on my game, “What Makes A Monster”. I left the character design almost completely up to him; I only provided some basic info on the personalities of the characters. I’ve worked with artists before and was pleasantly surprised at the final product — there were no revisions! He hit the mark first try. Brookes was professional, on time, and his prices were affordable, even for an indie developer paying out of pocket. Can’t wait to work with him on my next game!

Garrett Mickley

Game Designer

Articles from Character Design Forge

Character Design Survival Guide

Character Design Survival Guide

A helpful guide to developing characters!

  • Help for when you're struggling with a design.
  • Develop a complete profile for your character.
  • Template for turnarounds and character sheet included.