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Learn to create dynamic characters you’re proud of, worthy of an audience’s attention, and get work doing what you love. 

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Make Irresistable Characters That People Love


In Learn Character Design, you’ll learn to create iconic and memorable characters through techniques and principles. A well designed character doesn’t come about by accident. By using shapes & forms, getting in the head of your character, and developing real personalities, you’ll be well on your way to making characters that resonate.


  1. Shape Language

  2. Construction

  3. Human Anatomy

  4. The Face & Facial Expressions

  5. Creature Design

  6. Storytelling & Personality

  7. Digital Rendering

And a lot more! This course has over 10 hours of lessons!

Learn Both Realistic AND Stylized Design Techniques

We use characters for everything, including a wide variety of genres and styles. This course is relevant if you’re designing a photo-realistic monster for an epic CGI film, a stylized Disney-style animated character, or even a character sprite only a few pixels tall. Characters are universal.


People Love Vibrant and Imaginitive Characters.

Lots of artists come up thinking that the only way they can be successful is to enter a concept industry fraught with space marines, grey, dystopian cities, and more grey. Yet indie games, creator owned comics, and animations are thriving. How? Through the personalities and designs of their characters and storytelling.

Characters reflect the humanity in us. Their stories and personalities endear us because of their design and expression. With a well designed character, we don’t think of them as artificial. Instead, they’re like real people.

Learn Character Design starts by teaching you how to draw well, moves you through the principles of good design, and gives you the tools to craft a good story, so that you can create characters people will love and support.

Course Preview:

This is a sample video straight out of the middle of the course. Learn how to build life and personification in inanimate objects to amplify your work.

This video builds on a few principles that came before it, and is a precursor to Creature Design. Personification is such an important part of character design, and we look at a few examples of inanimate objects that have been successfully personified.

In this video:

  1. What it takes to make something inanimate or nonhuman more humanlike

  2. Use a method called “Shape, then Theme”, create the shapes you would like to use first, and decide “what” that character is through tertiary details later.

  3. Look at examples from Disney and Pixar films that have personified characters. What makes a candlestick and mantle clock interesting?

  4. Live character design walkthrough, turning a coffee mug into a character that we can care about.