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I have the strong belief that a well designed Mascot Character can be beneficial for any business.

Recently, I created a Photoshop product to help people that use the design website Dribbble, and decided to put the above statement to the test. After careful deliberation and evaluation, I decided to take myself on as a client.

The product I’ve created, called Dribbbify, allows Dribbble users that typically work in square workspaces to easily convert their image to Dribbble’s strict 400×300 pixel resolution (or 2x the size, 800x600px).

Dribbble, at, is very clear about the use of their branding, which includes a pink and dark pink basketball: Creating artwork that resembles the logo is fine, but using the exact logo is understandably prohibited.

A simple product deserves a simple mascot, designed to catch the eye and give you a feel for what it represents. I chose to run the grooves of the basketball in the opposite direction of the Dribbble logo, and give our little character the classic “framing up” hand gesture. The dotted lines within his span are the exact 4×3 ratio of Dribbble images.

Some added character design appeal, stylistic take on the Dribbble logo, and some additional rendering is all this character needs to be the face of Dribbbify.

If you’d like to see the finished product, or think this tool could be of use to you, check out the Dribbbify page!