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A lot of times as we’re growing as artists, there’s a disconnect. We receive information and training, and we do the best we can to apply it and improve. Still though, we don’t really get feedback on how we’re doing, and what things we could be doing better.

Some of the best help, tangible advice, and serious spurts in my artistic growth have come from one on one conversations with artists that I admire.

I want to offer that opportunity to you.

Get clarity on what you’re struggling with artistically, and move toward your personal goals.

Get feedback on your work, and find out what you can be doing to improve right now.

Receive portfolio reviews and draw-overs of your work, to overcome the artistic hurdles in front of you.

Here’s what students of One-on-One sessions have said so far:

I stumbled upon Brookes’ videos one day and binged watched pretty much all of them. The content was incredible and he quickly became one of my favorite artists. So when he mentioned in a video that he was starting to do One on One sessions to teach people more about character design I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve been working on 2d art for an indie game but I knew there was a ton I could improve on. I messaged Brookes about it and he was incredibly helpful; we scheduled a Skype sessions and I sent over some of the art for the game to get his critiques. He also asked a ton of questions about my art background, where I’d like to be, and what art inspires. When we finally skyped, he had tons of fantastic advice and concepts to show me that were specific to my situation. He broke down some of the drawings I sent over and showed me how to apply the lessons to each character. It was an awesome session and I came out of it with great techniques to apply to my designs. I’d recommend a One on One session with Brookes without a doubt.

Christopher Steinberger

For information on rates for half hour and hour sessions, or to setup a One on One of your own, contact me below! I’m looking forward to it!