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A rather silly title for a concept I think is really important.

If you haven’t been to Chipotle, it’s a fairly good fast burrito eatery, that for any number of reasons, almost always has a significant line. Sometimes, the line is to the door. And yet, people will wait, because the quality of food is generally higher.

It’s important that as a creative person, you really understand what creativity and ideas ARE. We have lots of longstanding stigmas around ideas, like writer’s block, that create a false scarcity around new ideas.

Your ideas don’t go in a bank account, and they aren’t earning interest. Your ideas are simply waiting in line at Chipotle. They’re patient for some time, but after awhile, they’re going to leave.

You need to start thinking about creativity as a muscle. Creativity is simply habit forming and execution, and when you exercise it regularly, the ideas will come regularly.

When you don’t have enough ideas, it’s likely that you treat them as precious, or hold them to too high a standard. While you’re waiting for the next big thing to hit you, you aren’t doing… anything.

What you need to do is sit down and make something.

When you do that, you stop the creative muscular atrophy.

You’re also harming yourself, though, if you have too many ideas, and you’re holding on to one “BIG” project.

It took me forever to learn this personally, I planned things out so far in advance without actually working on them.

Just put stuff out. Whether you have too many ideas or not enough, you aren’t doing them any good by holding on to them or doing nothing.