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I’m Brookes Eggleston, a character designer and illustrator.

I’ve always loved creating and telling stories. I used to cast a wider net artistically, and I got to learn a lot, but I realized it was creating characters and telling stories with them that drives me.

Character design is my most fulfilling and direct means of expression. In learning more about characters, I see their power to connect with people, and I want to create that myself.

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Why I Became a Character Designer

An adolescent Brookes spent little time in the real world, instead preferring the ones created in a flurry of sketchbooks. As I got older, I tried to pursue the act of making art in the more traditionally sensible way. Throughout my time working as a graphic designer, a sign maker, and a 3D modeler, something still wasn’t clicking. I learned a great deal from those trades, but I realized it wasn’t logos, landscapes, or vehicles that populated my early sketchbooks; it was characters that inspired me the most.

A focus on characters didn’t just mean improving my drawing skills, it meant an exploration into characters’ stories, personalities, and psychology. What makes us care about a character? What makes them real? I studied other artists’ work, and realized the intentional decisions a designer needs to make when crafting characters.

My work now is purposeful. I recognize character’s incredible power, and want to share that with others. Not just through characters I’ve made myself, but teaching character design to others through Learn Character Design.