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As I kicked off a series of 100 Characters over 100 Days, I’m talking about the benefits and challenges that come with doing daily projects.

A few things covered in this video:

Don’t aim for a huge daily project right out the gate. If you start with a certain amount of energy without having done something of that size before, you’re absolutely guaranteed to burnout.

A daily output of a project is a great gauntlet for figuring out if you REALLY love doing something. You might like the idea of character design, of video making, but this is like a condensed period where you’re able, through the act of doing, to decide if you really love it, or perhaps you weren’t as passionate as you thought you were.

The things that you do daily are the things you get best at.

Make sure that you have a sustainable schedule for daily work, don’t make assumptions about your available time. You’ll only fall short of your goal or completely crowd out other important things in life to their detriment if you don’t.